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'Beinn Taoig, winter', | Scottish Landscape Art - Scottish Landscape Paintings

Need to get out more!

 'Beinn Taoig, winter',

‘Beinn Taoig, winter’,

I know it’s hard to believe, my blogs usually being so full of interest and the rest…..but this week there’s very little to write about! I haven’t been any where and my days have been spent battling with two oil paintings …and in all honesty, doing so in a not very productive manner!

The paintings have developed but I still have a good way to go on them and I’m not sure whether they’re exactly what I intended when I first started them. Then again, I have said previously that I’m using this year to experiment and hopefully learn and so that usually does mean a few false starts and a bin bulging with discarded pieces.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time this week working on plans for this years Open Studio Weekend on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th October ….make a note in your diary if you haven’t already done so! This is I think, our 11th year but where as in the past we’ve been part of a WASPS-wide event, this year we’re going to be very much on our own with perhaps the exception of one other Wasps studios. In a way though, it’s been good and we’ve had the best response from the Courtyard artists .…everyone is taking part. I’ve gathered images from each of the artists and Brian is doing the artwork and design for the poster and flyers. Margaret has agreed to be treasurer for the event, Graham has written a great press release and plans are afoot nearer the event to spend a few hours one evening weeding and tidying the courtyard, repairing and painting the picnic bench and fixing up one of the old but nice Courtyard Studio signs on the end wall …all in an effort to make the place more inviting to visitors on the weekend. The secret of course to all of these types of events is publicity. Over the years a number of us have built up good visitor / customer data bases and we’ll each be sending out flyers to as many folk as possible. With the press release and some interesting photos of the studios and work, we hope to get plenty of publicity in the local papers and on the radio… then, hopefully we’ll get a good turn out in October.

If you’re living anywhere within striking distance of Irvine make a note in your diary for this event. If you’re one of those who normally visit one of the other Wasps studios for this event ….then why not make a day of it and come and see some of Ayrshire’s leading artists instead. If you would like an invitation to the event please send your contact details to me: and I’ll add you to my mailing list.

I think I need to get out again ….perhaps next week if we get a fine day, we’ll be wandering over the hills again.



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