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‘Heavy downpour, Harris, May 2013’

3 'Heavy down pour, Harris, May 2013', Acrylic & Pastel,2013, 30 x 30 cm

‘Heavy downpour, Harris, May 2013’


‘Heavy downpour, Harris, May 2013’, Acrylic & Pastel, 2013, 30 x 30 cm,

Price: £485

This is the painting on the poster for my forthcoming exhibition at Blairmore Gallery near Dunoon.

Based on one of the many very wet days we experienced while staying on the Isle of Harris earlier this year, it certainly brings back memories of walking through the very rugged and wet mountain landscape on the island.

This small painting will be one of 17 works included in the exhibition at Blairmore Gallery.  The exhibition runs, Tuesday 27th August – Saturday 5th October 2013.  For further details about the gallery and to view the full exhibition, follow the link to their website at the side of this page.