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Line and Sound

I’m taking a short break from the studio soon to visit some of the quieter more remote parts of northwest Scotland.  It will be as usual, a chance for me to get out into the wild and to walk some of the rugged and very dramatic hills, mountains and coastlines in the region.

'Suilven sketch'

‘Suilven sketch’

In the past, when we’ve been away on these walking trips, I’ve always taken sketch books and have usually spent some time scribbling away, trying to capture something of the place in the lines I put down on the paper.  This year however, I’m hoping to have slightly more purpose behind the work.

'Suilven sketch'

‘Suilven sketch’

As you know, I’ve been starting to play around with the idea of using sound as part of my work and have been experimenting with making some very basic sound recordings when we’ve been out walking.  In all honesty though, I don’t really know what I want to do and in a way I’ve just been hoping that I’ll be able to generate a clearer idea through the actual process of making the recordings.   Up until now, I’ve just been taking short time-outs from the walk in order to stop and record.  On this next short trip however, I’m hoping to have the time to do some more considered recordings….. and some related drawings.  Quite how exactly, the two might go together or be presented, I still haven’t a clue.  I’m not sure whether the drawing will inform the sound recording or the sound will cause me to do a drawing.  Whatever happens, it will be a great excuse to wander around in the wild, wild landscape of Assynt and just look and listen and think.

'Sutherland coastline sketch', Pen, 2012, 210 x 148 mm

‘Sutherland coastline sketch’, Pen, 2012, 210 x 148 mm


'Sutherland sketch, towards Ben Loyal', Pen, 2012, 210 x 148 mm

‘Sutherland sketch, towards Ben Loyal’, Pen, 2012, 210 x 148 mm