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‘From Creag MacRanaich, the Lawers group’

20 'From Creag MacRanaich, the Lawers group, Acrylic and Pastel, 2006, 74.5 x 32cm

‘From Creag MacRanaich, the Lawers group’, Acrylic and Pastel, 2006, 74.5 x 32cm

I’ve recently been working on developing a talk about my work and in order to illustrate it, I’ve been looking back through the catalogue of my work. I decided to include this image of a painting I did ten years ago now. Doesn’t time fly! Anyway, I thought I’d use it this week on the home page as it is a piece that I’ve always liked and it’s good to give it an airing every now and again.

The painting was based on a view we had looking towards the Ben Lawers group of hills that rise to the north of Loch Tay. We had been climbing a smaller hill to the south on a cold frosty winter day and as we reached the summit of our hill we had this amazing view over to the bigger snow topped peaks. Sitting just above their tops was a line of heavy dark brooding cloud and it made for quite a dramatic scene.