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‘Below Goat Fell, winter’

3 'Below Goat Fell, winter', Graphite pencil on paper, 2013, 125 x  80 cm

‘Below Goat Fell, winter’

 ‘Below Goat Fell, winter’, Graphite pencil on paper, 2013, 125 x 80 cm

We’re heading over to the Isle of Arran and Glen Rosa again tomorrow.  I need to walk up to the head of the glen to do some more sketching and to take some more photos as preparation for my big drawing project in November and December this year.  I am starting to get quite a good idea now as to how to go about this big piece of work and tomorrows visit to the glen will hopefully give me all the information I need.   That said, the forecast is a little ‘iffy’ so if the cloud is right down we may have to make another visit later in the summer.

Anyway, this got me thinking about the work I’d already done on Glen Rosa and I thought I’d use this drawing as my ‘artwork of the week’.  This is one of several I’ve created as trial pieces for the big drawing ….this is approximately 125 x 80 cm and is currently at the studio …rolled up.  Should you like to see it up close however …do pop into the studio.