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Working drawing – Glen Rosa, Isle of Arran

1 Working drawing, Glen Rosa

Working drawing, Glen Rosa. Isle of Arran

Working drawing – Glen Rosa, Isle of Arran 

As you already know, I’m planning to create a large 4 m long drawing during my exhibition at the Harbour Arts Centre in November / December this year.  The drawing will be about walking up Glen Rosa on the Isle of Arran.   I’ve walked this glen many times and have been over there once again this year to do sketches and take photographs……another trip there is due shortly.  I’ve started working on ideas for how to do the big drawing, playing around with different types of mark and composition.  This drawing is one of the latest although I’ve actually played around with the image on my computer to end up with this.

I’m really not sure how the big drawing will look when completed but I’m enjoying these early stages of working rough ideas through and trying them out.