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‘Glasgow scene 1’

'Glasgow Scene 1'

‘Glasgow scene 1’, Acrylic & Pastel

As you know, most of my paintings are about the natural environment and in particular the upland landscape of Scotland.  I do though, occasionally work on paintings about the man made landscape and this little painting is one of two I did for a customer a few years ago.  It is based on the view from the train as it approaches the bridge over the Clyde and Central Station.  Even since I did this painting this scene has changed somewhat and several of the buildings have been cleared.  It did appear to be a somewhat run-down little area but that is what I liked.

After returning from Speyer last summer where I did a number of paintings based on the cathedral there, I’ve been thinking of doing a few pieces based on the buildings of Glasgow…..a little bit of the urban landscape for a change.