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‘Mists clearing Beinn Dubhchraig, winter’


‘Mists clearing Beinn Dubhchraig, winter’

‘Mists clearing Beinn Dubhchraig, winter’, Acrylic, 2005, 30 x 30 cm

If you’ve been to my blog this week, you’ll have read that we had our first snowy walk this winter ….on Beinn Chaorach.  As we were walking though, we got some great views across to Beinn Dubhchraig and the view reminded me of this painting.

I did this back in 2005 after a short walk on a much colder day.  My friend Guy and I had gone to do a walk on Ben Challum (the Munro next to Beinn Chaorach) and although we never had time to reach even its southern top, we did get some splendid views.  On that morning, thick banks of cloud sat over Beinn Dubhchraig and gradually broke and cleared as the morning passed.  I seem to remember sitting for quite a while just taking in the scene and then having to shelter as a heavy snow shower passed by.

After our walk last Sunday I think I may try creating another more up to date version of this painting…..this time of the mountain in snow but with the autumn colours in the glen below.