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Art on the Hill

'Art on the Hill'

‘Art on the Hill’

Just a very short blog today as I’ve been very busy this week and am running late as usual!

I thought I’d use this space to plug the ‘Art on the Hill‘ exhibition which runs until 31st May and is open daily from 12 noon until 10pm. Artist and exhibition organiser Peter Gillies kindly invited me to take part in this big exhibition that includes work by around 80 artists and makers.

The exhibition is in the upper level of the Church on the Hill in Battlefield, Queens Park, Glasgow. This is a really magnificent building and the space is just huge ….it really is very impressive.

‘Art on the Hill’ is part of the Southside Fringe Festival, so do check out what else is going on throughout the month.

Full details:

I have three of my paintings in the exhibition…..hope you can get to see the show.

'Art on the Hill'

‘Art on the Hill’