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‘Dusk, on Rannoch Moor’ | Scottish Landscape Art - Scottish Landscape Paintings

‘Dusk, on Rannoch Moor’


'Dusk, on Rannoch Moor'

‘Dusk, on Rannoch Moor’, Acrylic & Pastel, 2012, 210 mm x 148 mm

Here’s another of my new small ‘post card’ sized paintings.  I’m working on these very small pieces at the same time as I’m trying to develop the new 80 x 80cm oil on canvas paintings.  It’s proving quite interesting as these small quite quick paintings are starting to give clues as to how I go about the larger pieces.

This is quite an abstract little scene.  I’ve been playing around with the colours, using greens, blues and copper to try and put across something of the last light of day as we’ve experienced it a few times driving across Rannoch Moor.  The heavy skies reflect in the numerous pools and lochs visible from the road side, the bigger hills beyond disappearing into the cloud and gloom.  It’s such an amazing area, perhaps I should take my two weeks holiday here …camped in the middle of the moor.   Not sure Nita would be too happy if I suggested that though!  I definitely do need to take a few more walks around and through this fabulous wild area ….armed of course with sketch book, camera and some paint.  We’ve just been discussing where to go for our next walk …. Rannoch Moor could be the perfect place.



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