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'Breaking cloud, near the Pap of Glencoe' | Scottish Landscape Art - Scottish Landscape Paintings

A week of work

216 'Breaking cloud, near the Pap of Glencoe', Acrylic & Pastel, 2012

‘Breaking cloud, near the Pap of Glencoe’

It would be nice to be able to report on another good walk this week.  Instead though, it has just been a week of work and the fine weather on both Tuesday and again today, went by without a boot being laced or a rucksack lifted.  Oh well, that’s the way it goes sometimes and we’re now looking ahead anxiously to Sunday in the hope we might catch another fine day.

The good weather, has though, brought folk out for a walk along the harbour side and this has been good for business.  Yesterday a gentleman visited my studio and seemed very interested in one of the small post card sized paintings.   This afternoon, he returned with his wife and after much looking, they decided to buy the piece.  Thanks to them if they’re reading this and I hope you enjoy the painting.  I’ve had a few other very positive enquiries these last few weeks and so it certainly gives me a little confidence during what are quite difficult times for everyone.

Work wise it’s been a slightly up and down few days. Last weekend I tried to develop the large drawing I had started the previous Friday, but instead of finishing it and having something to be pleased with after my three days work …I wrecked it!!!  That’s the way it goes sometimes but mighty frustrating even so.  This was the second largish drawing I’ve done this year, based on sketches I did of Quinag …..and both have ended up in the bin after what seemed like a promising start.  It’s got me thinking though and I may start another one but using graphite sticks or pencils rather than oil pastel.

The paintings have been coming on slowly.  Until today I’d spent the remainder of my time this last week working on the smaller (30 x 30 cm and 76 x 23 cm) acrylic and pastel pieces.  I have I think completed one, though will leave it to stew for a few days before I get excited and photograph it.  The other one is about three quarters finished but will now be left for a while …until I have an idea of how to finish it!

Today, I went back to the larger oil on canvas paintings.  I have four on the go but decided this morning to tackle one of the less worked on pieces.  I had a good day and it was good to get the large six inch brush out again after much work earlier this week with small paint brushes and magnifiers.  No photos of any of this I’m afraid …so this week you’ll have to make do with just the one image …of the small painting I sold today.

 'Breaking cloud, near the Pap of Glencoe'

‘Breaking cloud, near the Pap of Glencoe’





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