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Work of the Week: ‘Lost Building’

1.4 'Lost Building', Oil on board, 2003, 86 x 86cm,

'Lost Building'

‘Lost Building’, Oil, 2003, 86 x 86 cm

I haven’t always painted the hills and mountains. When I first moved to Scotland I spent my time working on pictures that were based on the man made landscape of Irvine. One of the buildings that really grabs your attention from most parts of the town is the big church that sits on the side of the River Irvine near what used to be one of the main bridges over the river. Sadly the bridge was demolished for a new shopping mall but the church remains. It’s quite a stunning building that seems almost too steep for its own good. Sadly unused for either its original purpose, or any other, it is still a beautiful landmark at the centre of the town and one which I did a number of paintings and drawings about.

This painting was done when I was still using oil and tries to capture a little of the buildings splendour when illuminated by the late evening summer sun. I’ve started to look at these earlier paintings again as I’ll be in Speyer next week and will be thinking about doing paintings based on its magnificent architecture.

‘Lost Building’ is currently on display at the RNIB Education & Employment Centre in Edinburgh.



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