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Work in progress - 'Towards the Mamores' | Scottish Landscape Art - Scottish Landscape Paintings

Work in progress – Towards the Mamores

Work in progress, 'Towards the Mamores'

Work in progress, ‘Towards the Mamores’

One of the reasons I have always kept my studio door open to the public is that I think it important that people can see work in progress ….be it in a good state or not. This painting is one that I’ve been working on over the last week and is I guess about half way to completion ….if it ever makes it that is! You can see the way the painting is built up in layers of paint and pastel and get an idea of the rough nature of these pieces. I’ve used a magnifier to see what I’m doing on a couple of areas but generally I’m working with broad brushes in a loose manner.

The painting is about a view we had last summer as we looked out towards the Mamores and the big hills around Ben Nevis beyond. They were all partially shrouded in cloud as big rain showers came and went with bright warm sunshine in between. I’m not sure quite how this painting will turn out or the direction it will take. I’m away walking for the next couple of days so I’ll see what I make of it when I get back. This for me is the exciting part of painting ….if I knew what I was going to get before I started painting ….well.



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