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Ben Chonzie, Edinburgh and Newcastle ….not bad for one week

As the title of this blog implies, it’s been another busy week this week. As well as all the travelling, I’ve been doing quite a lot of painting too ….so all in all, a very good week.

Overlooking Loch Turret

Overlooking Loch Turret

When I visited Dan Thornton and David Feeney in Edinburgh back in May, they introduced me to Neil, a friend of theirs and over a pint or two in the pub that evening we got talking about hills and walking and by the end of the evening had agreed to meet up for a walk together sometime in the summer. Both being very busy, sometime turned out to be last Saturday and we decided that Loch Turret and Ben Chonzie would be a good spot being not too far for either of us to drive. As it turned out, we were very lucky with the choice of days as we picked the one fine day between several not so good ones.

On Ben Chonzie grass and more grass

On Ben Chonzie grass and more grass

We met at the Loch Turret dam and did a clockwise circuit of the loch taking in the Munro Ben Chonzie that rises beyond the far end. It makes a good walk and amazingly for an August Saturday we saw no one once we’d left the car park until we got close to the summit. There, Neil and Nita could see a big group of folk who we figured must have come up by the shorter more popular route. They however all started to make their way down as we arrived at the summit and we spent half an hour sat enjoying the big views and bright sunshine. The descent was pretty straight forward at first, down huge grass and moss covered slopes with views back across the more craggy face of the hill. But then came the steep section of heather, grass, moss, stones and broken crags ….much of it wet and slippery underfoot. I was OK for most of it ….using my tried and tested method of descending steep ground ….sitting down and lowering myself. One short section however required moving across the slope and I sure was glad of having two people to guide me. Nita went first; trying to point out where I should be placing my feet, while Neil followed behind keeping a firm grip on the back of my rucksack just in case I slipped! I have to say I was very glad once we’d got across this little section and were once again heading downhill towards easier ground. Anyway, it made for a bit of excitement before the lengthy walk back along the side of the loch. It was a very good day and I don’t think Neil was too put off by my snail’s pace and unorthodox methods of descent……he’s suggested we all meet up again in the autumn to visit his local Fife hills… looking forward to it.

....and a few rocks. Approaching the tricky section

….and a few rocks. Approaching the tricky section

Sunday was a day painting and Monday saw me catching the train over to Edinburgh to deliver a small painting for the Macmillan Art Exhibition at Bonhams on Queen Street. I was a little concerned whether I’d find it OK on my own but in the end it was simple and I even managed to avoid the new trams!

Back down to easier ground ....and the long hot walk back

Back down to easier ground ….and the long hot walk back

I was painting again on Tuesday and then I spent Wednesday packing the nine paintings and one big drawing for The Biscuit Factory autumn exhibition in Newcastle. We loaded the car with the work first thing Thursday and drove down to Newcastle, arriving at the gallery about half past one in the afternoon. It’s an amazing place and I’m really looking forward to having a proper look around when we return for the preview on September 12th. Yesterday however, it was just a case of deliver the work and then head straight back …….even so , it was seven o’clock before we final got home and put our feet up.

It’s been more painting today as well as sorting out the studio ready for a few visitors tomorrow. It’s the Irvine Harbourside Festival and so there should be a few extra visitors around. I think there will be a few other Courtyard artists open so hopefully it’ll be a successful day.