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“Upland scene”

"Upland scene", acrylic and pastel, 2008. 200 x 100cm  Ref: 83

"Upland scene"

“Upland scene”, acrylic and pastel, 2008. 200 x 100cm

This is one of the big paintings I did a couple of years ago and since returning from Speyer, I’m starting to think about doing some more pieces on this or a similar scale. I really enjoyed the 2 larger paintings I did this summer, which were 140 x 100cm. There is something really exciting about having the space to swing your arm with a big, 6inch brush and lots of paint! It won’t do much for the newly painted studio, or my T-shirts and jeans, but what the hell, when you’re a painter you expect a few splashes! I will be buying some new large boards soon and will no doubt keep you updated.