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‘In sun, rain, mist and snow’, an exhibition of recent work by Keith Salmon.

 'From the east ridge of Beinn Lui, April'

‘From the east ridge of Beinn Lui, April’

‘In sun, rain, mist and snow’, an exhibition of recent work by Keith Salmon.
‘the gallery on the corner’, 34 Northumberland St, Edinburgh EH3 6LS
Preview, Friday March 1st, 6pm – 8pm
Exhibition runs until March 30th
Gallery open, Tues – Sat, 11.00 – 17.00

Well then, this time tomorrow the exhibition will just about be under way. It’s been a lot of work putting it all together, especially as I wanted to get a number of very new paintings completed in time. But I got there and we delivered the work on time last Saturday.

In the end, I selected 18 paintings; 10 of the 30 x 30 cm acrylic and pastel pieces, 4 of the 76 x 23 cm, 1 of the small 210 mm x 148 mm paintings and 3 of the 80 x 80 cm oil paintings. The choice of the last three larger pieces proved a difficult one. I think I must have changed my mind over which to take, about ten times over the last month or so. Part of the reason was that I was keen to include the new 80 x 80 cm acrylic and pastel painting of Beinn a’ Ghlo, that I’ve been working on. If you’ve been following my Face Book page you will have seen various versions of it ….but as I type I’m still not sure whether it’s finished or not. So then, as realisation dawned that it wasn’t going to be ready on time, I then had to find a substitute. In the end I went for three of the more abstract oil on canvas pieces I’ve done over the last year and I think they should work well and compliment the smaller acrylic and pastel pieces quite nicely.

 'Snow shower, on the slopes of Ben Loyal, Sutherland'

‘Snow shower, on the slopes of Ben Loyal, Sutherland’

Even the selection of the 30 x 30 cm paintings wasn’t quite as straight forward as I’d thought. I’d initially planned to include eight pieces this size, but when they were framed and all together in the studio a few weeks ago, I realised that the selection didn’t sit as comfortably together as I’d hoped. Something wasn’t quite right and after much thought I decided that it was probably the mix of colours that wasn’t working. I decided that to pull them all together I needed a couple more paintings but done in more subtle blues, grey and green…..and so started painting again. Sometimes working under pressure is good and on this occasion it seems to have been so. I managed to complete the two new paintings and I’m very satisfied with both of them. They’ve done the trick too and the ten pieces now work well together I think, …though of course until I see them on the wall tomorrow evening I can’t say for sure!

 'Dusk, on Rannoch Moor'

‘Dusk, on Rannoch Moor’

If you read last weeks blog you’ll have seen the seven new drawings I’m including in the show. There wasn’t enough space to hang them framed so I’ve just had them mounted and covered with acetate and they’ll be displayed in a stand. The more I’ve seen these drawings since they came back mounted from the framer, the more I’ve liked them and at £285 I think they’re a bargain! But then again I would say that wouldn’t I?!

Right then, that’s it for this week. The images here show paintings that will be in the exhibition, so if you like any why not either pop along to see them for real or contact ‘the gallery on the corner’, (tel; 0131, 557 8969) …or of course you can contact me.

I do hope some of you can get along to see the exhibition while it’s on and remember, if you would like to attend the preview tomorrow, then you’d be very welcome indeed.

 'Memories of rain, mist and melting snow, Beinn Chonzie,  January 2007'

‘Memories of rain, mist and melting snow, Beinn Chonzie, January 2007’

Keith Salmon, exhibition poster

Keith Salmon, exhibition poster