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‘Assynt coast line’


‘Assynt coast line’

‘Assynt coast line’, Pen, 2009, 28 x 21 cm

Another small piece from up north. I’m hoping that I’ll get some really interesting views from close by where we’re staying this year.  According to the information we received about the cottage we’ve rented, the cliffs start at the bottom of the field below the cottage.  With a bit of luck I’ll be able to wander a short distance from the door and sit down and start sketching.  It could be a very pleasant way of spending the evenings ….at this time of year it stays light very late and so I should be able to do some drawing for a short while after we’ve eaten and cleared up.  Of course, this is the north coast of Scotland we’re talking about  so it may very well be blowing a gale each evening …and I’ll have to stay inside listening to my talking book and sipping a bottle of beer …it would be quite a hardship …but one I’m sure I can bare!