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‘Harbour side, winter’

 'Harbourside, winter'

'Harbourside, winter'


‘Harbour side, winter’, Pastel, 2004, 53 x 30 cm

Seeing as I’ve revisited some old drawings for my blog this week, I thought I’d include another one on the home page.

I did this back in 2004 after a short wander along the harbour side on a very cold and slightly snowy morning.  I’ve always liked the colours in this …a bit bright and garish but quite interesting.  I’ve always enjoyed the looseness of the marks in my drawings and have been trying to get something of this into the marks and surface of my paintings.  I’m still trying, and am I think gradually getting there, but it may be worth my while getting some of these earlier drawings back out and see what I can learn from them.  It is always important to keep on reassessing the work you are doing, looking at the way it has developed and trying to improve every time you start a new piece.

I’ve just ordered some large paint sticks so am looking forward to doing some new large drawings when they arrive.  It’ll be a change from using pastels and should give me much broader and more intense marks …. Watch this space, I’ll post some of the results as and when I get them done.