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No walks, just work

'The Saddle from glen Rosa, Isle of Arran', Graphite on paper, 125 x 75 cm

‘The Saddle from glen Rosa, Isle of Arran’, Graphite on paper, 125 x 75 cm

I had hoped that we’d have been for a good walk by the time I came to write this week’s blog, but what with one thing and another I’ve spent most of my time down the studio.

We did get out though on Thursday, driving through to ‘the gallery on the corner’ in Edinburgh to collect the work after my exhibition.  I had a pleasant surprise though as we only had to collect 5 framed paintings and the 7 mounted drawings.  The gallery had sold a couple more paintings and wanted to hang on to several others as they have customers interested in some of them.  It seems from what they said, that a number of people who follow either this blog and or my Face Book page, visited the gallery to see the exhibition ….so if you’re one of those ….thank, you.

For any of you who do go to my Face Book page, you’ll know that I’ve spent several days working on a new graphite drawing.  I’ve posted a couple of photos of it at different stages and it is now finished I think.  I got the measurements wrong on FB though ….the actual size of the drawing is 125 cm x 75 cm.  It’s a nice size to work on and more importantly it’s given me an idea of quite how feasible it would be to do a very large drawing using the graphite sticks and pencils.  The answer to this question is, very feasible.  Yesterday I started a second drawing this size, also based on our recent visits to Glen Rosa.  These medium sized drawings should also give me an idea of how I might compose the really big drawing when I come to do it.  Anyway, this is the first one, completed the other day.

We will finally get out walking tomorrow.  As we haven’t been up a hill for several weeks now we reckon a gentle introduction to steep ground would be a good idea.  We’ve decided to head over to The Pentland Hills just outside Edinburgh.  There appeared to be a lot of snow on them still when we drove to Edinburgh on Tuesday, so despite their gentle nature and lack of any real height …we’ll still be taking the winter gear just in case.  We are going to meet up with Dan Thornton, the photographer who we walked with in Glen Rosa a few weeks ago.  He was up in the Pentlands Hills a short while ago when all the snow arrived and he took some beautiful photographs.  You can see some of them on his Face Book page: Daniel Thornton.

Finally, I have taken part in the Scottish Art Circle Easter On-line Sale.  Several of my paintings are included in this along with a number of other artists.  You can visit this by following the link:

Right then, that’s it for this week.  Tales and photos from the Pentland Hills and maybe even another walk next week.  We need to get some exercise …only just less than four weeks to go till our May walking holiday ….on the Isle of Harris.  Can’t wait!