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Work of the Week: “Forth Fields”


"Forth Fields"

‘Forth Fields’, Acrylic & Pastel, 2006, 30 x 30 cm Ref: 19

The Ochill Hills make for an interesting change of scenery, and offer some great views out over the surrounding countryside. The hills are not particularly high, reaching a little over 700 m at their highest point. They rise very abruptly from the Forth plain just outside Stirling but after the steep climb there are broad undulating ridges of , in places, very rough grass and bog. We’ve only explored a small area but always have a great time. This little painting was based on a summer day a few years ago when we were heading up The Nebbit – a small pointy hill on the very edge of the range. As I say, it’s steep ground and deserves a good few stops to admire the view behind you. And it really is worth while …the Forth plain is stretched out below, a wonderful patchwork of fields and wee roads. It’s really quite beautiful especially in the summer when the fields are a mixture of grass and crops.