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‘East over Rannoch Moor, early morning’

'East over Rannoch Moor, early morning', Graphite on paper

‘East over Rannoch Moor, early morning’, Graphite on paper

‘East over Rannoch Moor, early morning’, Graphite on paper, 2013, 40 x 60 cm

This is a drawing I completed yesterday ….indeed as you can see, this is a quick photo of it still attached to my drawing board on the easel.  Anyway I hope this gives a reasonable idea of it.  It is one of a number of similar sized graphite drawings I’ve been doing recently and is loosely based on the walk we did towards Ba Bridge back in the spring.  That said, it could be anything really but I like the marks and contrasts.  I do like my drawings to have their own edge rather than running up to the edge of the paper …but this makes it slightly more difficult to mount and frame.  I’ll ask the framer to cut a mount that allows the rough and scratchy edge to be seen.

Over the last few years I’ve really concentrated on my paintings and have rather let my drawing slip.  I’m glad I’ve started again and am really enjoying the process.  I’m trying to put an hour or so in every day …it’s quite nice to spend the last hour in the studio with the music turned up a little …scribbling away.  Hopefully more to follow.