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‘A walk in the wild, winter, east of Drumochter’


‘A walk in the wild, winter, east of Drumochter’

‘A walk in the wild, winter, east of Drumochter’, Oil on canvas, 2012, 80 x 80cm

Over the last couple of months or so I’ve posted images of this painting at several different stages.  This, finally, is it finished …though still to be signed.  I completed the painting a couple of days ago and as well as signing it …need to take some decent photographs..  Anyway, it is finally finished and I am quite pleased with it now.

As I’ve said in the past, I’ve been trying over the years to do paintings that can be enjoyed both as Scottish Landscape as well as  for their abstract qualities.  Trying to get the balance right is something I’ve found very difficult but this painting I think, works on both levels quite well.

As I say, I need to get some decent photos of it as the paint has been built up in overlapping layers and the surface is quite textural….. this doesn’t come out to well in this quick snap.  I’m also pondering now on how to frame it.  My usual cream coloured frames may not work and I may first try using a pure white frame.  If this doesn’t work either, well, I may be after suggestions!