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‘Drumochter sketch’

25 'Drumochter sketch', Pastel on gesso', 30 x 30 cm
‘Drumochter sketch’, Pastel on gesso, 2011, 30 x 30 cm, £280
As regular visitors to this website will know, I did quite a lot of drawing last summer while working in Speyer.  These large pieces were done with grey oil pastel on thick white paper.  I particularly liked the grey oil pastel line against the stark white paper and since returning to Scotland I’ve started working on smaller drawings – these based on my landscape paintings.  There is one difference though …these pieces are done on board that is coated with white gesso.  The gesso I use has a slightly course texture to it and this gives the pastel marks a slightly sharper appearance.
‘Drumochter sketch is one of two such drawings currently being exhibited in my exhibition ‘On the hill – impressions of the Scottish upland landscape’, at The Strathearn Gallery in Crieff.  The exhibition runs until 12th March and so if you haven’t had a chance yet to get along to see it, there’s plenty of time.  The work in the exhibition can be viewed by visiting .