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The first stage of a very long journey…

'The City of Adelaide' (1864)

‘The City of Adelaide’


Not a proper blog this week, just a series of photos Nita and I took yesterday on Irvine Harbourside.  The City of Adelaide, the last (I think) of the old clippers, was put on a barge and with the help of a high tide, moved down river.  The biggest problem was trying to squeeze it through the gap in the footbridge that spans the river.  Unfortunately they ran out of time and tide and so another attempt will have to be made before this grand old ship can get out to the open sea.  It was moored on its barge alongside the wharf and makes a real sight…..well worth getting down to see it before it leaves.  Apparently from what we’ve gathered, another attempt will be made when it’s both high tide ….and calm.

2 City of Adelaide

City of Adelaide

4 City of Adelaide

5 City of Adelaid 109

5 City of Adelaide

6 City of Adelaide

7 City of Adelaide