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“Bracken, Beinn Dubh, Luss”

'Bracken, Beinn Dubh, Luss

'Bracken, Beinn Dubh, Luss'

“Bracken, Beinn Dubh, Luss”, Acrylic and pastel, 2007, 76 x 23cm

I did this painting back in 2007 and it is a little different from most of my stuff. Perhaps this is why it hasn’t sold. But I like it all the same and we have it hanging on our wall some times.

When you climb Beinn Dubh from Luss, the path picks its way at first through areas of thick bracken and by late autumn, this is just a mass of copper – orange. In the sun it is quite striking. This abstract painting was my first excuse for using this colour and several visitors to the studio have seen it as a painting of Ayers Rock.