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‘Towards Arran’

'Towards Arran', Acrylic & Pastel, 2014, 76 x 23 cm

‘Towards Arran’

‘Towards Arran’, Acrylic and Pastel, 2014, 76 x 23 cm

Over the years I’ve had many people ask if I have painted the Isle of Arran from over on the Ayrshire coast.  I finally decided to have a go and this new 76 x 23 cm painting is the result.  For me to see Arran from the coast near my studio I have to use a monocular and so this is I guess the kind of view I see.

The painting is not yet framed but is in my studio now if anyone wants to call by to see it……although you’d best give a quick call first (07742 437425) just to check I’ll be there ….it’s that time of year again and we’re starting to go walking more regularly!