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Scottish Natural Heritage Exhibition

Keith Salmon Art Exhibition, Scottish Natural Heritage, Inverness

SNH Inverness Exhibition 4

The exhibition I’ve held at Great Glen House, the head quarters of Scottish Natural heritage in Inverness, ended last week and on Monday I had to travel up and collect the work.

It’s been a good experience and the space was great …big and light.  The show ran throughout August and contained a selection of 25 paintings and drawings.  As this wasn’t a gallery show it was difficult to know quite how many people would see it.  SNH promoted it well through their press officer and certainly a number of people from outside the organisation turned up for the talk I did about the work on 20th August.

This said, the majority of those who viewed the work were employees of SNH and I understand it created a fair bit of interest ….but then they did all have to walk by it to get to the canteen! Oh well, I sold a few paintings so quite good really.   As a follow up I’ve been asked to write a short article for the SNH magazine.  This could be quite useful as the magazine is circulated to a large number of people …should be a good way of getting people to my website.

The work is all back in the studio now and I’m already planning for the Wasps Open Studios Weekend on Saturday / Sunday 3rd/ 4th October 2009.  Much cleaning and tidying to be done before then, but that can wait …painting to be done now.

SNH Inverness exhibition 2

After selling a couple of the long thin paintings (76 x 23 cm) at Inverness, I need to get a couple of replacements done.  I enjoy working in this format and it certainly seems to be popular.  I have one painting on the go at the moment …this based on a day a couple of years ago when we did an icy scramble on Ben Lui …it was a fantastic and exciting day  and the colours and light were quite special.  That said I’m still struggling to get this down in paint but hopefully I’ll get there soon.
SNH Inverness exhibition 3