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‘Ben Hope from Arkle, Sutherland’

'Ben Hope from Arkle, Sutherland'

‘Ben Hope from Arkle, Sutherland’

‘Ben Hope from Arkle, Sutherland’, Acrylic & Pastel, 2011, 76 x 23 cm

I did this painting last year but somehow managed to forget to photograph it before I had it framed.  What is more, I didn’t realise this prior to sending the painting, (along with five others) to be exhibited at the Braidwood Restaurant near Dalry.

The painting is based on the view we had as we sat at the south summit of Arkle, looking NE towards the long ridge of Ben Hope.  I had always wanted to walk into this range of mountains and it was a wonderful experience.  We saw no one else that day and the light and colours were just beautiful.

Unfortunately this is a very poor photo of the painting …it is enlarged from a more general studio snap.  However, it gives a reasonable idea and so long as the painting doesn’t sell ….I’ll have a chance of getting a proper record of it when it returns to the studio at the end of the year.  If it does sell,.well, I’ll just have to put it down to experience!