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‘Passing Snow shower, Beinn Griam Beg, Sutherland’ | Scottish Landscape Art - Scottish Landscape Paintings

‘Passing Snow shower, Beinn Griam Beg, Sutherland’


‘Passing Snow shower, Beinn Griam Beg, Sutherland’ – Draft

‘Passing Snow shower, Beinn Griam Beg, Sutherland’, Acrylic & Pastel, 2012, 76 x 23 cm

This is the latest of my recent ‘Sutherland’ paintings.  I got it to this stage a couple of days ago and now its sat waiting until I decide whether it needs any more work doing to it.  Anyway, in this piece I’m once again trying to create a slightly more traditional image, using mostly paint with just a little pastel.

If you followed my Keith Salmon – Scottish Landscape Artist page on Facebook back in early may, you would have seen a photo of my partner Anita as she led the way off of the summit of Beinn Griam Beg …the ground white underfoot and the snow still falling and lying on her rucksack. This was the latest of several big and heavy snow showers that came rattling in from the northwest during our walk to this lonely little hill.

As we descended though, the shower passed and the cloud broke all around us with areas of blue sky following.  It was a wonderful scene for ten minutes and we just stood and watched the drifting cloud, the changing light and colours and the transformation from snow covered ground back to grass and rocks as the snow quickly thawed.  As we stood there I said to Nita that I would just have to try and do a painting about this ……this might be it or I might have another go …perhaps making a more abstract image instead.



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