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Hot and humid and late!

'Below Stob Coire Raineach, Glen Coe'

'Below Stob Coire Raineach, Glen Coe'

Well it’s going to be a short blog this week ….it’s very warm and humid here in Speyer today and what with one thing and another, I’m running late. I’ve had a good week in general though and have managed to finish two more paintings which is quite pleasing. I have four more 80 x 80 cm boards primed and ready to go …with one of them started. I haven’t done anything more with the bigger boards. The one I started is going to be the main target for the next few days I think and I’m also planning to start the other big board by the end of next week …so lots on the go.

We’re also starting to make a short video about my stay here in Speyer, the work that I’m doing and the places I’m visiting …something along the lines of the video on my website ….but with a German flavour. Mike is planning to follow the progress of my big drawing ….when it’s started that is….so no pressure then!!!

Anyway, here are the six paintings I’ve currently completed during the first half of my stay in Speyer. Four of them are based on Speyer subject ….three of these about the cathedral …I’m really caught by the shear size and bulk of this old building. The other Speyer piece comes from my visit to the ancient baths in the old Jewish quarter of Speyer. The other two paintings are ‘Scottish’ works. I’ve had plans for these pieces and particularly wanted to do them on a slightly bigger scale than much of my recent works and they work well with the Speyer townscape pieces.


'Late afternoon, the cathedral, Speyer'


'Written in stone, the cathedral, Speyer'


'The cathedral, Speyer - painting #1'

Anyway, all these paintings will be on display at the end of August when I hold a short exhibition of the work done here ….so if anyone reading this is from Speyer or the surrounding area …please to come along. Of course, as with my studio in Scotland, if you’re passing the door any day ….don’t be afraid to ring the bell …if I’m in, you’re very welcome to come in and see the paintings. For details of the exhibition at the end of August contact:


´The ancient bath, Speyer'

'Above Largs, a frozen January morning'

'Above Largs, a frozen January morning'



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