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Getting there

Every few days now for the last month or so, I’ve stopped what I’m doing and spent five minutes counting paintings! Not that I’m panicking or anything ….just checking that I’ll have enough work ready for my exhibition at The Strathearn Gallery …..that opens on February 12th….PANIC!

Seriously though, I’m starting to get there and yesterday finished what should be the final two new pieces for the show. I now have a few more than the 45 pieces required and it’s just a case of getting everything into frames and ready….simple really, I don’t know what I’ve been worrying about!

The preview of the exhibition is on Saturday 12th February and starts at 11am and I have to get the work to the gallery on the 7th in order to give them time to hang the show. We normally take the work to galleries in our car but even the wide open spaces in the back of this Citroen Nemo aren’t big enough to carry all the work for this show and so I’m going to have to arrange for a courier to take the work for me.

I’ve been told there are a couple of specialist art couriers based in Glasgow so a bit of searching on the Internet is called for soon I think.

I’m also planning to arrange for a professional photographer to visit the studio and record all the work prior to it going to the gallery. Although the photos I take have been adequate up till now I think it’s time to get some top quality photos taken. I’ll be sending these images to the gallery and so all the work in the exhibition should be available to view on-line at their website from early February with a bit of luck …full details nearer the time.

Of course, having 45 pieces of work ready and framed, it’s creating a bit of a storage problem …I can hardly move in house or studio for pictures either lent against or hanging on walls. Even so, it’s getting quite exciting seeing it all coming together, and it’ll be the first time I’ve ever exhibited so much work together at one time.

Right well, it’s a short blog this week as I have much to do and little of great interest to tell. But included with this blog is a short video clip I took in the studio yesterday. It shows the newly finished large (ish) painting on the wall, and a new 80 x 80 cm piece on the easel.

Next week is another busy one as I’ve been invited over to spend a few hours at the Jolomo studio. I’m really looking forward to meeting him and seeing where he does his work. Eck…it’s a hard life ….but someone has to do it!



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