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‘From Ghlas Beinne, Rannoch Moor – frozen lochs’ | Scottish Landscape Art - Scottish Landscape Paintings

‘From Ghlas Beinne, Rannoch Moor – frozen lochs’

'From Ghlas Beinne, Rannoch Moor- frozen lochs' Acrylic-pastel-2010-76-x-23-cm

'From Ghlas Beinne, Rannoch Moor- frozen lochs'

‘From Ghlas Beinne, Rannoch Moor – frozen lochs’, Acrylic & Pastel, 2010, 76 x 23 cm

This is my very latest painting. I think it’s finished, but as with all my work, I like to leave new paintings for a few weeks after finishing them before deciding they’re actually finished! Does this make sense? I do go back to them at this stage sometimes and ‘tweak’ them a little, but I’m fairly confident with this piece that there will be no need for adjustments …and of course having to photograph the piece again.

This, as anyone who has been following my work for the last year will see, is another in the series of small paintings I’ve been doing based on a trip last winter to Rannoch Moor. The paintings are becoming more about the colours and marks and I’m now planning to start working on at least one bigger painting based on this subject. In this piece I’ve mainly used a selection of large flat brushes..the biggest being a six inch wide nylon brush. Re working this painting on a larger scale would give me more scope to develop these large sweeping marks. I guess I’d better get down to the wood yard an order some new large painting boards as ideally I’d like to get a couple of big pieces ready for my solo show at The Strathearn Gallery in February.



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