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‘Harbour light, winter’

1.1. 'Harbour light, winter', pastel, 2003, 61 x 30cm

‘Harbour light, winter’, Pastel, 2003, 61 x 30 cm

I’ve been planning to do a very big drawing and although I’ve got ideas about what the picture will look like, I’ve been looking through some of my old Irvine drawings for a bit of inspiration! Most of these were relatively small but were about buildings, man made environments and so have been of considerable help whilst planning this Speyer drawing.

This ‘harbour’ drawing has been of particular interest …not just because it was long and thin …but more because of the light. Here in Speyer on this very hot summer days the light is incredibly bright and even the great structure of the cathedral almost disappears into this bright soup of light. I don’t know yet, but this new drawing may well have a similar feel to the harbour piece in the end. It’s quite difficult starting such a large piece …and I’ve been putting it off ….and will probably put if off just a little longer …and keep looking and thinking. Hopefully there’ ll be some news of it before long.



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