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‘Overlooking Glen Coe’ | Scottish Landscape Art - Scottish Landscape Paintings

‘Overlooking Glen Coe’

26 'Overlooking Glen Coe', Acrylic & Pastel,

'Overlooking Glen Coe'

‘Overlooking Glen Coe’, Acrylic & Pastel

This painting is based on a day a while back when we were making our way along the ridge that twists its way between the top of the Devils staircase and Am Bodach. It’s a route we’ve taken a few times and it makes for superb but easy walking in the heart of Glen Coe. On this occasion the weather was fine but as we neared the high point at just over 900 m, a thick band of very low cloud drifted up the glen and started to obscure the hills. It didn’t last long and our hill stayed clear, but it made for a very atmospheric scene as we looked across the glen towards the flanks of Stob Coire Raineach.

‘Overlooking Glen Coe’ is currently on display as part of my exhibition at The Strathearn Gallery in Crieff. The exhibition opens on Saturday 12th February and continues until March 12th. For more details and to see all 45 paintings in the exhibition please visit:



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