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‘Break in the cloud’ | Scottish Landscape Art - Scottish Landscape Paintings

‘Break in the cloud’

12 'Break in the cloud', Oil, 30 x 30 cm,

'Break in the cloud'

‘Break in the cloud’, Oil, 30 x 30 cm


I did this small painting a number of years ago and it’s a painting I still have and have been looking at again more recently.  Based on one of those days when you’re walking along in thick cloud and then suddenly it breaks for a few minutes …but I can’t to be honest remember which hill or time I was thinking about when I painted it!

It does however remind me of the time we climbed Ben Oss.  We’d walked in from the Glen Falloch side and as we started the long climb it started to snow.  It snowed heavily all the way up, driven along almost horizontally at times and very unpleasant.  As we staggered up the final steep little section onto the top, the snow suddenly eased and stopped and within a few minutes the clouds started to break and we caught glimpses into the Cononish glen on the other side.

One of the pleasures I get from painting is that the pictures remind me of the places we visit and the very special moments we sometimes have when walking in these wild places.  Anyway, this painting may be based on our day on Ben Oss ..or another day, another walk ..but it’s started to grab my attention again with its heavy bold paint.  I may try and work a new bigger version of this painting before too long.



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