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Ptarmigan ridge | Scottish Landscape Art - Scottish Landscape Paintings - Part 2

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‘Ptarmigan, early spring, Loch Lomond National Park’

'Ptarmigan, early spring. Loch Lomond National Park'

'Ptarmigan, early spring. Loch Lomond National Park'

‘Ptarmigan, early spring, Loch Lomond NP’, Acrylic & Pastel, 30 x 30 cm

Despite having walked this hill a good many times over the last few years, I’ve only tried to do a painting of it a couple of times.  This little painting, completed several years ago, is based on the view I had looking through my monocular towards the steep upper section of the Ptarmigan ridge on Ben Lomond.  We’d actually been walking on a different hill and had stopped for a meal at Tarbet on our way back.  The early evening sun was catching the snow on the higher slopes of the hill and it looked superb across the waters of Loch Lomond.

Having recently returned from walking the Ptarmigan ridge of Ben Lomond, I’m thinking it’s about time to do another painting based on this wonderful hill.  I’ll be heading down the studio after lunch and so may even start work on it this afternoon.