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‘Snow, rock and water, Harris, May’

304 ' Snow, rock and water, Harris, May', Graphite on paper, 2013, 70 x 70 cm

‘Snow, rock and water, Harris, May’


‘Snow, rock and water, Harris, May’, Graphite on paper, 2013, 70 x 70 cm

I did this graphite drawing last year after our visit to the Isle of Harris. As the title of the drawing implies, the weather during our stay on the island was somewhat inclement…..mainly rain and gales, topped up with snow one day and some sun. It certainly made the streams very active and the idea for this drawing came after watching a stream full of melt water, tumble over a rocky outcrop. The patterns of the white water against the rock looked very similar to the patches of melting snow on the hills behind. I really liked this scene but hope that we’ll have a little less of the wet stuff when we head up to Assynt later in the month!