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‘From the summit of Ben Vrackie’


‘From the summit of Ben Vrackie’

‘From the summit of Ben Vrackie’, Acrylic & Pastel, 2009, 60 x 30 cm

If you’ve already read my blog you’ll have seen that my mind, (if not my boots) have been very much on Ben Vrackie this week.  I thought therefore, that it would be appropriate to use this painting as my artwork of the week.  I created this in 2009 following a walk on this hill but you’ll notice that it was one of the 60 x 30 cm size paintings.  Although I did a number of pieces this size I never felt too sure about this format.  This painting however, certainly worked well I think but in general I prefer working in the long thin, 76 x 23 cm format

This painting sold not too long after I completed it but the scene from the summit of Ben Vrackie with the broad sweeping grass covered ridge makes for a good composition and I reckon I might re-visit it after our next trip to this fine little hill.