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‘Snow shower, below the east ridge of Ben Lui’

'Snow shower, below the east ridge of Ben Lui'

‘Snow shower, below the east ridge of Ben Lui’


‘Snow shower, below the east ridge of Ben Lui’, Acrylic & Pastel, 2012, 80 x 80 cm

Well then, here it is again ….finished at long last!  As you can see, I’ve developed the painting a little from the earlier two versions and have use just a little bit of artistic licence in making the conditions slightly worse than it actually was at the time!  We did in all reality climb these slopes in very good conditions and although there were plenty of dark heavy clouds around none of these produced snow until later in the day as we were heading back.  Anyway, I think this added work has given the picture much needed atmosphere …something that was I felt lacking in the earlier versions.

One of the regular visitors to my Face Book page commented when seeing the last version, that he could start to appreciate how much under painting there was in some of these works.  These paintings are built up slowly using many layers of paint and pastel and it is this way of working that helps me to create the atmosphere and depth in some of these pieces.

This painting can now be seen at The Framework Gallery in Troon and is priced at £1095.  If you have a chance and live in Ayrshire why not pop along to the gallery to see it for real.  They also have several of my other paintings and three of my recent small graphite drawings of Ailsa Craig. ….along of course with work by many other    artists.  You can get further details about the Framework Gallery by clicking on the link at the side of this page.