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  1. IOTA says:

    Well hallo! so nice to see that there are still people who believe that beautifull things can be done even if one hasn’t got the greatest materials. We should do the best with what we have and now that you have more than before you can apriciate it.

  2. John says:

    Absolutely stunning photos – can´t wait to see the resulting artworks!

  3. Colm OBrien says:

    Hi Keith.
    If you are looking to expand your sales network.Would you consider,tapping
    into our growing membership.Advertising is free,and commission is a voluntary
    donation however small.Although art resales is our main stay,we would like to start promoting new work from scottish artists.

    Kind Regards


  4. […] on two long thin 76 x 23 cm paintings that will be for the Blairmore Gallery show in the summer. One of these is based on our day over on Arran the other month and is worked in diagonal bands of co… This painting is almost complete and indeed I have it hanging in an old temporary frame in the […]

  5. […] more information about The Gallery on the Corner, along with Autism Ventures Scotland, click on the link at the side of this page. You could also […]

  6. […] for the guides and maps to plan further trips. The painting is currently being exhibited at The Gallery on the Corner in Edinburgh …watch out for their new website …due to go live in the next few […]

  7. […] This painting is currently on show at the Edinburgh gallery as part of the ‘New Gallery Artists’ exhibition. […]

  8. I really like this, the colors, the feel, so evocative of home. Hope to see more in the future. All the best Patricia. (

  9. Gerhard Wollnik says:

    Hi Keith,

    I’m proud of you allowing me to buy the wonderful painting ‘On Rannoch Moor’.
    The exhibition at Speyer was great. I’ll always remember the evening whith you (both).

    Regards from Speyer.

  10. […] in this section before, I thought I use it again this week as it is linked to the subject of this week’s blog.  Beinn a’ Chliabhain is the rugged hill rising on your left as you walk up Glen Rosa.  […]

  11. Gwyneth Quinn says:

    I had the good fortune to see this painting today and to hear Keith talk about his work and inspiration. What a fabulous experience! My 16 yr old son who is studying advanced higher art and design was with me and we were really struck by the beautiful, evocative paintings. We will be back on the October open days…. Beautiful, wonderful, unforgettable art work that really captures the nature of the Scottish landscape. If you love the landscape you will love these works of art..

  12. […] Applications have to be in by 14th January 2013 so you have plenty of time to plan.  See this week’s blog for details of how to obtain an application form. No related […]

  13. Stuart says:

    I was up Goatfell a couple of weeks ago Keith…experienced the same 8 wheeled all terrain vehicle and passengers on the way up and again later coming down…maybe some excursion who knows as it was left on the ridge empty during the day…not good for the tranquility and ambiance of the place…

  14. […] Snow Shower on the Slopes of Ben Loyal, Sutherland, by Keith Salmon.   Source […]

  15. Jacqueline Fernandez says:

    My daughter Tonia Fernandez dropped in to you today and told me to have a look at your work. I really like what I saw so will call you when I have some spare time to come to your studio. I am no art buff, but even I seem to relate to your wonderful pictures.

  16. Graeme lawson says:

    Keith it was a pleasure to visit your studio on Saturday 5 October in Irvine and chat with you – I am overjoyed with the print we bought of Ben Lui and it looks even better every time I look at it and I can’t wait to get it framed and on the wall. I had a look at your website and we were born in the same year, my Dad was blind in one eye and was a keen hill walker and my mother in law lost her sight completely and was unable even to see our children at all but always managed to defy her blindness and today I saw another example of someone who manages to not only defy blindness but use it in a way to share with others his experience so it was an honour to meet you and you are truly a great artist? I still loved the 2 charcoal drawings of mountains you displayed and can say they are amongst the best Artworks I have ever seen. If we have the opportunity to be in irvine again we will certainly pop in for a chat,



  17. […] is a great place for exploring ideas. Blind Art has a gallery of art for the visually impaired. Keith Salmon lost most of his sight, but still continues to paint. I love his “Memories of rain, mist and […]

  18. karen egan says:

    I would like to make contact with Keith salmon to discuss commissioning a painting of the Cullen’s from Elgol.

  19. Anne says:

    Thanks for finally writing about > A snowy day in the hills
    | Scottish Landscape Art – Scottish Landscape Paintings < Liked it!

  20. […] painting will be one of those on display, (and for sale, price £485) in my studio during the Courtyard Studios Open Weekend, Saturday 4th October, 11am – 5pm, and Sunday 5th October 2014, 12 noon – 5pm. I hope you can […]

  21. […] bear little resemblance to the actual scenes depicted, for example, the work of Keith Salmon    Subjects for landscape painting are no longer solely the beautiful vista but encompass all […]

  22. Chris Watts says:

    It will be a real treat to see progress on your Glen Rosa drawing, if you’re able to post it. I hope your health continues to improve and you’re back at 100% soon. Your work is original and remarkable. Best wishes.

  23. […] It relates to an earlier project when he performed another public drawing of the external view of Speyer Cathedral in Germany. This time. contrasting the external walk around a man made structure, he is inside the […]

  24. Ann Harradine says:

    Who’s a clever boy then! hope you will soon be feeling better. Love a x

  25. Hi Keith – good for you! I mean it; it is a necessary step towards making a living from doing what you love and what you have a unique talent for. I often think buyers walking into a gallery don’t often think of the costs involved…They see a work for £1,000 say and ask “how long did that take you?” Despite the 50% gallery commission, it is nigh on impossible to quantify artwork in terms of man hours…the research, the travel, the sketches, the paintings that didn’t turn out right, the years of developing your practice…! You know all of this, of course.

    The price of an artwork has little to do with it’s value: I wish you all the best for the future and continued success. Onwards and upwards!

  26. Susan Wood says:

    I am trying to locate more information on a piece of artwork titled “Bridge over Sannox”, under the title it says Isle of Arron, another marking below that I can’t make out, the only other marking is the copyright symbol and T. M. Co., can you shed any light on this? We have had it our entire lives and are not even sure where it came from originally.

  27. Jan MacGregor says:

    wow Keith. This looks amazing and all very exciting story. I will definitely go and see it and recommend to all my friends.
    All the best

  28. […] I was reminded of this piece just last Saturday as we walked the same route but under perfect summer conditions.  Everything was very different with the colours being much greener and the views much more expansive under the clear June skies.  I may have to do another painting, this time based on Ghlas Bheinn in the summer.  See my blog for photos and details of our walk last Saturday on Ghlas Bheinn. […]

  29. […] It’s been great getting back to sticky oil paint again and I’ve completed one painting, (see the artwork of the week) and have another three canvases well under way.  I haven’t given up on my smaller acrylic […]

  30. […] last update on this page was all about The Oregon Project and other works” exhibition we had at the Tent Gallery, Edinburgh College of Art back in April. I […]

  31. […] first piece quite soon after returning to Irvine but 2015 and 2016 were so busy, especially with The Oregon Project, that by the start of this year, I only had one of the pieces completed and another two on the […]

  32. Andrea Diehl says:

    Thinking of old friends after this awful year, I looked you up on the Internet. I’m very happy to see that you keep on painting.
    Best wishes for 2021!
    Andrea (formerly in Speyer, now in Wismar)

  33. John Green says:

    Hi Keith,

    My wife and I were among the participants at the zoom meeting of Assynt Field Club you spoke on last night. I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your presentation and the slides of your work – we were amazed at how much vitality came through even through photographs. We’re really looking forward to seeing the paintings in the flesh at An Cala as well as hearing the soundtracks that go with them.